Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How To Create A User Friendly Website

Website built on any platform should be user friendly. There shouldn’t be any technical glitches which can slow down the website. There are various options available on the internet for the users so if they do not find your website appealing at a first blink certainly your website needs a professional like a website developer who can design a right architecture of the website. A lot of money is spent on creating a website so business owners would prefer that all the functionalists and the features should be built from the base level.

Loading Time

Ensure that your website’s loading time is quick as the customers do not have time to wait for the pages to download, in fact it is quiet annoying for people browsing your website. A slow load time is a big no-no if you are running an ecommerce online website. Users have little patience for slow internet.


Using White Space 

Using white space in your website is very essential for the viewers. White space in your website is used to cover the background. You can play around with the color while using white base to make it look more creative. Other option mostly preferred by the designers is black and white combination.


Choose the Right Font Size 

Select a font size that is simple and easy to read for the viewers. Your text will be giving all the information about your company, so make the font size is big; do not use tiny fonts which is difficult for the readers.


Placing the Content 

Place the important content above the fold; do not force the customers to scroll down the website. As soon as person lands on the page, he should get all the critical information, keeping the information above the fold means will encourage visitors to go through the entire page.


Navigation Bar  

Navigation bar should be simple and plain, it should run through the top of the page or on the left hand side of the website. A customer will be really unhappy if he visits your website where the navigation is haphazardly designed.

Recent market has changed drastically as everyone is competing over the web to have a successful business online. Website design has been the top priority for these entrepreneurs; they need a professional website which would work at the first go. To fulfill this requirement, people are accepting Outsourcing Drupal India or Outsourcing Website Development India partner for getting the work done.

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