Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The 5 Pillars of PHP Development

From when it started, PHP development has come a long way. And since it has been in the development world for so long, there are many approaches developed to go about PHP development. May select Codeignter or many use Symphony or CakePHP.

In this blog, I am going to elaborate on my approach of PHP development after the years of experience in PHP language. Moreover, as a PHP Development Expert, I try and keep up to the new trends through experimenting ways to get the best results in PHP development. And this is what I have come to, go ahead and explore this approach.

The Code

Go Open Sourcing

In these highly competitive times, it is much important for PHP developers to understand that there approach need to change with the changing times. When a developer open sources the application code, then there is chance that there is more scope of enhancing the code quality where it also gets free marketing for a freelancer or an organization. Moreover, you get the added support from the community whenever required. Here, I would suggest using Git as otherwise it would be a little bit of struggle to find developers who have the time for you.

Easy Management

To manage the code, you must consider having a version control where I highly recommend Git where you can find support at all times and look for availability and alternatives across the board.

Ensure Style

When you are writing your code, it is important that other members of the team understand and when a new member joins, it is easier for him to understand. Also, if you maintain consistent and cleaner code then it leads to less effort in case of changes. Use one style of coding and maintain it through your coding process. This is feature of a good coding approach. Chaotic coding can lead to a very hectic work process in the later stages of development.

The Configuration

You increase the chances of security breach if you use bad configuration. This often happens with web development when it comes to PHP development or while migrating. As the security may not at the same levels post configuration.

Separate Configurator from Code

Use a configurator that suits your development environments, in this case migration is generally smoother. Also, define your deployment stages clearly while migration or otherwise. One thing that will work in your interest is measuring the configuration clarity by separating it from the code. If you can open source the code than nothing works better than that.

Complex Configurator

As a developers you must be aware the environment variables contain complex information where it can be marshaled as JSON and encoded into base 64. Moreover, later you can easily modify or read the code in the developed application and make the necessary changes faster.


When you are conducting automated testing in PHP development, it is not a very new thing. Testing is really smooth and convenient where you can also conduct parallel testing while development stages. Although in the recent times, it has gone through some changes where double development time is nearly deep rooted and now you can conduct testing without a corresponding test. Good testing means good quality of solution and satisfied clients. When you code better, automatically you are benefitted and less efforts are required.

In my testing approach, the advantages of good testing are:

- Developed software application can be easily refactored
- Unit testing enforces modular design which increases the re-usability factor
- It avails scope of development, documentation and also example code after testing

PHP Development is Brilliant!

When you talk to a PHP Developer, he or she is one of the most crucial aspects to any IT company. They are the ones who rule the backend business and also provide with the most in demand solutions. Well, I am loving to boast the PHP developers because I am one but also this stands true. It is a brilliant framework, only that developers need to understand what is needed for the new approach.

I hope this read was worth your time. Write to me in case you have bugs or issues while PHD development or if you are looking to Outsource PHP Development.

If you are thinking for Outsource PHP Development or PHP Development Specialist to a Website Development Specialist. You should read the other articles written by the author for tips and tricks related to this.

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